Monday, 1 September 2014

Bryan Finding his own way in life

Having realized his passion for property and marketing at a very early age and having made up his mind about going deep into the property business, Bryan channelized his time and energy in acquiring the necessary skills for the same. He was amazed at having seen before the immense amount of wealth the property/real estate business could create for someone and he then decided upon achieving the same for himself.

Having entered this business at an early age, Bryan Susilo at the age of 15 found himself surrounded by numerous number of successful entrepreneurs, who gave him help with specialist knowledge and experiences for win-win entrepreneurship and financing strategies. This knowledge took him far ahead and even at the age of 16, he negotiated for his first property without any money or job and no previous experience in property. Bryan Artawijaya Susilo didn't stop here and by 18, assisted by his sister, collected more than 10 properties through metropolitan areas of Perth. Moreover, by 20 he made the easy decision to pursue value-adding enterprises in Property and the financial markets full-time.

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