Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bryan Susilo- The Real Estate Businessman

  Bryan was raised in Apple cross, urban center Australian state. Born to migrator oldsters, he discovered at an extremely early age associate insatiate   thirst and curiosity regarding all things around him, sometimes immersing himself in texts, encyclopedias and information in his spare time. It wasn’t until the age of 11 that Bryan Susilo took to enterprise and business with an important and fervent approach. Having a father whose was himself a businessman and entrepreneur, he would be conditioned with the following mantra “You are the designer of your own life – notwithstanding it's you'd prefer to vogue, manufacture a blueprint for it, and build it happen”.

Today Bryan Artawijaya runs atiny low land business providing fast-money solutions to sellers of worn-down property and properties in want of imperative sale.

Bryan Artawijaya Susilo was awarded a triennial certificate in 2014 as a real property agent at intervals the state of Australian state, and has had previous association with the vendor Finance Association.

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